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Autumn 2020 Training Programme for SOS Volunteers


For more details and course dates please click the course titles below. 

Mandatory Courses: 

All volunteers must take the following three courses:

Basic Life Support & First Aid

For volunteers who have not completed any First Aid training since October 2018

JAM Card Training

Zero Suicide Intervention

Optional Courses: 

Chair Yoga

Mental Health Intervention

Naloxone Administration

Supportive Listening Skills - Understanding trauma, bereavement and loss


Chair Yoga

Sandra Daly

A 45-minute gentle session to help stretch the body, calm the mind and be more in the moment using breathing techniques and light yoga from the comfort of your chair. Open to all fitness levels, this is a lovely way to wind down after the office or to stretch out after a Netflix marathon!

Thursday 24th September

8:00pm - 8:45pm

JAM Card Training

Now Group

JAM Card allows people with learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier tell others they need ‘Just A Minute’ discreetly and easily. The purpose of this training is to provide awareness of the best listening skills and communication approach when talking to or assisting someone with a learning difficulty or other barrier.  

Anyone who has not yet completed this course will be re-sent an e-mail link on Monday 7th September to set up their training login. If you have already registered but can not access the training please e-mail

Login at


Basic Life Support and First Aid


Socially distanced at the SOS Offices

Tuesday 27th October 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Thursday 5th November 6:30pm - 9:30pm

For all volunteers but preference is given to those who haven't completed any first aid training since October 2018. 


To book:

Mental Health Intervention


Socially distanced at the SOS Offices

Facilitated by Lighthouse Charity, this is an introduction to mental health awareness and intervention, with advice to help develop confidence around starting conversations and supporting those who are suffering from poor mental health.

  • Mental health: background and awareness 

  • Recognising unhealthy coping behaviours 

  • Introduction to addiction cycles 

  • Inviting conversations about mental health 

  • Suicide Intervention advice/information and signposting 

Wednesday 23rd September

7:00pm - 9:30pm

Thursday 8th October

7:00pm - 9:30pm

Tuesday 10th November

7:00pm - 9:30pm


To book:

Naloxone Administration 


Online via microsoft teams

This training will cover the basics of identifying and managing an opioid overdose and the aftermath. Advice on responding to opioid overdoses where the risk of COVID-19 is present will be given. Naloxone is an easy to administer medication which temporarily reverses an opioid (e.g heroin) overdose by blockading the opioid receptors in the brain. It is an emergency medication, in the same category as epinephrine (for anaphylaxis) and glycogen (for diabetic coma).

To take this training please select a date from the Extern website and contact them directly, when registering please enter SOS Bus as  your employer and  your volunteer role (response driver, bus volunteer etc) as job title:

SOS Staff must be made aware that you have taken this training. To receive your certificate and access to the naloxone packs, please send your evaluation form to

Supportive Listening Skills - Understanding trauma, bereavement and loss

Karen Doherty CMIST Counselling 

Online via zoom

Understanding, trauma, bereavement and loss and developing the skills and confidence to help others through deeply difficult times. This is course is made up of four weekly sessions. Each week covers the topics below in-depth, their impact and the skills needed to better help individuals who are struggling. 


  • Session one: Exploring supportive listening 

  • Session two: Anxiety and stress 

  • Session three: Change, loss and bereavement  

  • Session four: Touching on trauma 

Monday evenings 7pm—9:30pm -

Wednesday mornings 10am—12:30pm -


Zero Suicide Training

Online link

The Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) is a UK-wide collaboration of NHS trusts, charities, businesses and individuals raising awareness and working towards the prevention of suicide. 


There are three modules that together will take a total of 30 – 40 minutes that you can do in your own time. This course covers understanding social isolation, suicide awareness, and key techniques and communication skills to give participants confidence to help someone who is suicidal. 

When you have completed this course please forward your certificate to

JAM Card
First Aid
Mental Health Intervention
Naloxone Administration
Supportive Listening Skills
Zero Suicide Training
Chair Yoga
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