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Meet our Staff Team

Who We Are


Ken Humphrey

Director of Operations and Funding

Ken has recently joined our staff team at the end of April 2022. Having a wealth of knowledge and work experience in community work and management of several community run projects, we believe he will help us grow the work we are currently doing and make sure SOS Bus NI is meeting its objectives of creating safe places on the streets of Belfast.


Ken has many interests including cycling, listening to Jazz music and walking his dog, Maverick.

Caitlin McCartney

Volunteer Coordinator

Caitlin has been part of our staff team for 10 years. She is an incredible asset to our team, looking after and coordinating the vast number of volunteers we have. She makes sure our day time and night time volunteers are scheduled on shift, makes sure they have the correct equipment to do their jobs and is a lifeline to volunteers when they have questions. She also coordinates response teams for the music festivals and events throughout Belfast. She is a very busy woman!!


Stuart Crawford

Training and Communications Coordinator

Stuart is also new to the staff team. He joined us at the end of April 2022. Stuart worked for the NHS during the Covid pandemic, training people on the 119 Covid lines. He has also worked in community outreach programmes and has a passion to see change on the streets of Belfast. He is passionate about Mental Health and will be encouraging all of our volunteers to engage in Mental Health training.


Stuart is responsible for looking after the training programme for our volunteers, ensuring they are well equipped and trained for their roles. He will also look after our social media platforms and communication within the organisation.

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