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SOS Bus NI's dedicated and compassionate Volunteer team is the heart of our service.

Volunteering is a great way to give something back to the community and make some amazing friendshipsThere are several ways to volunteer with SOS Bus NI and they all make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people and help create a greater sense of safety and compassion in our community. We don't ask you to have any specific skills or experience to volunteer with SOS Bus NI. All we ask is that you have a big heart and an open mind. All training is provided.

There are two ways to apply:



Join 220 amazing volunteers in providing our flagship welfare service. SOS Bus volunteers are fully trained to help vulnerable people on our streets. We have both Day Time and Night Time roles. 

Minibus Drivers

We have exciting roles for minibus drivers with our response teams and seasonal day time roles including food deliveries to vulnerable households. 

Flasking Team

Ideal for under 18s and families, the teams meet for 1-2 hours to prepare the tea and coffee flasks for the night time services. 

" I have offered my help as often as possible with SOS Bus, working on the buses and handing out snacks, hot drinks and the legendary soup to those leaving night clubs, coming from work, and the ones who sleep out and need it the most. It has turned my life around ever since by helping out, meeting and greeting friendly faces and making new friends along the way."

Paul, SOS Bus Volunteer

"I love it. You get a great satisfaction out of doing the bus because of the great variety of people you get. It’s not just drunk people, it’s lonely people...You just don’t know what you are going to get."


George, SOS Bus Volunteer

"If we show kindness, it makes others want to show kindness. It has a ripple effect."

Ian, SOS Bus Volunteer

Volunteer Privacy Policy

In order to effectively monitor the work that the volunteers do and how they are managed, a personal file is maintained for all volunteers, which includes: contact details and other relevant personal information; details of the application and selection process; agreement; hours worked; records of support and supervision activities; training undertaken and any compliments or grievances made or received. Some of this information and other information may also be recorded in computerised records. All such information is treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and volunteers are entitled to inspect all such information pertaining to their own involvement. You can view our full privacy policy here. 

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