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Human Traffiking and Exploitation

Spot the Signs

What to look for if you suspect a client is a victim of human trafficking:


  • Appearance of being denied food, water or sleep

  • Physical signs of bruising, scarring, burns etc..

  • Appears unusually anxious

  • Presence of an overly controlling ‘boyfriend’ or ‘family member’



  • When asked questions client appears unsure, frightened to speak and not telling the truth, having restricted or scripted answers

  • Fear of making eye contact

  • Distrust or fear of law enforcement

  • Trying to act older than appears



  • False ID or does not have access to their passport, ID, or work documents

  • Misinformation about medical history

  • Does not know their home or work address

  • Has no control of their finances

Who to call

If the client is in immediate danger call the PSNI 999

There are also helplines you can call to report any cases of human trafficking. If a client is uncomfortable about contacting the police you can contact the helplines below whilst they are with you. 

Modern Slavery Helpline -  24/7 0800 121 700

NSPCC - Protection from child traffiking advice and support group

Childline - Protect yourself and loved ones from online grooming.

No More Traffik - Information and how to spot the signs of human traffiking. 

Stop the Traffik 

STOP APP - Anonymous, confidential and secure app to report any suspected incidents of human traffiking available to download onto your phone. Available in seven languages. 

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