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Night-time Services Volunteer

As an SOS Volunteer working on our night-time services, you will encounter clients from all different backgrounds who present with a variety of different issues such as homelessness, victims of crime, poor mental health or suicidal thoughts, vulnerability through drug or alcohol misuse or simple loneliness. Working alongside a team of experienced Volunteers and under the guidance of a Team Leader, you will work with the client to provide the best possible outcome for their visit; whether they need a Listening Ear, sign-posting to partner agencies, reuniting them with friends or arranging collection by a family member or, for the more serious clients, transfer to hospital.


Shifts: One shift per month, 3-4 hours


  • Tasks and responsibilities

  • Provide basic first aid support

  • Emotional support and Listening Skills

  • Mental health support and Suicide Intervention

  • Signposting to statutory service providers

  • Welfare support

  • Providing provisions such as refreshments, food packages, hygiene packages, sleeping bags, warm clothing, etc

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