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Addiction, Gambling and Substance Use

Alcoholics Anonymous Directory of Online Support Groups

BHSCT Drug Out Reach Team - 02895 041 433

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Self referral - harm reduction and support into recovery treatments for injecting and class A drug users. 

DAISY - Person-centred drugs and alcohol intervention service for young people. 

Dunlewey Addiction Services - 028 9504 1433 

Intervention and support service for adults for drug and alcohol/gambling addictions,  takes self-referrals.

"Step 2" service available for 11-25 year olds.

Support for family members of those who are having addiction problems. 

Gambling Addiction Helpline (Dunlewey) - 0800 0886 725 Available Monday - Sunday 9am - 11pm 

Extern Street Injection Support Services -0800 0858 426

Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm 

Safe collection and disposal of needles, harm reduction and support for injecting drug users. 

Frank - 0300 1236 600

Confidential advice on drugs and substance use.

Gamblers Anonymous

028 9024 9185

Provides support through online and in person meetings. 

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