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SOS at City Hall

Contact us if you need advice or a listening ear

Our emergency mobile:

07901 505 505

Fri - Sat 10pm - 2:30am 

Mon - Fri 2pm - 6pm

SOS Bus NI trains and equips volunteers to create Safe Spaces on the streets of Belfast.

Since 2007 SOS Volunteers have supported 379,723 clients.


SOS Bus NI is a volunteered centred organisation, we are committed to delivering services in partnership.

Our programmes are co-designed, developed and evaluated with volunteers, clients and our multi agency partners.

SOS Volunteers have provided over 16,232 crisis interventions. Volunteers are trained to provide: 

First Aid

Mental Health Intervention

Place of Safety

Signposting and Referrals

Harm Reduction



Transport to A & E or safe place

We help:

Victims of assault

Clients at risk of or experiencing homelessness

Those in fear of violence or crime

Suicidal Thoughts

In need of listening ear support

Injured or unwell

Victims of substance misuse

Lonely or isolated

The presence of SOS on the streets eases pressure on the PSNI, emergency departments, NIAS and Belfast City Council allowing them to focus their time and effort on more serious and pressing issues. Our highly visible presence creates Safer Streets.

People helped by our trained volunteers


Vulnerable people brought to A&E


Trained volunteers


Your generosity allows us to help vulnerable people on our streets

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